Buying Glass Bongs


Buying a bong is quite hard most especially if this is the very first time you’re doing such. As a matter of fact, plenty of things have to be factored in when buying one such as designs, styles, percolators and glass thickness. Well in this guide, you will be able to narrow down your search so you can start smoking in no time.

Let’s start with the style or appearance of bong you prefer. There are 3 popular types of bongs you can buy today and these are beaker bongs, recycler and straight tube. In the latter, this creates dense smoke and quickly clears while in beaker bongs, it create more volume with less dense smoke, this could be a bit difficult to clean but has bigger rips. Recyclers on the other hand are used mostly for smoking concentrates to which recycling the water. Say for example that it’s just your first time smoking bong, it will be highly recommended that you buy either straight tube or the beaker bong.

The glass bong thickness is essential as it is what determines how long the bong will last. Well basically, the thicker the glass bong you’ve bought, the longer it is going to last. It is vital that you be mindful of where the bong will be used most often. If it will be used in just one room, then you don’t have to worry too much on its thickness. If you’re planning to bring it on different places on the other hand and use it together with friends, it will be preferable to use thicker glass. Normally, thinnest glass bongs are at 2 to 3 millimeter then, it moves up to 3 to 5 millimeter which is basically average thickness. If you want to be safe, then it will be preferable if you are going to buy one that have 5 to 7 millimeter thick glass. But you will do just fine with a glass bong that are around 3.5 millimeter or above thickness. Visit website here!

Percolators are stirring quite an attention as there’s no clear winner to which one is ideal to use as everyone has their preference and sticks with it. There are handful of things that you should watch out for in percolators including the smoothness it offers from filtration and the amount of drag it gives from pulling the smokes into the tiny holes. Be sure to check out this website at and learn more about bongs.

You have to take into consideration as well on how to clean your bong. Let’s face the fact that as time goes by, the glass bong will be filled with tar and smoke. Cleaning will be simple and easy as long as you buy simple bongs without percolators.

Don’t forget about these tips when planning to buy one.


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